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ContentSquare is a user experience (UX) analytics and optimization platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. We compute billions of touch and mouse movements and transform this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates.

Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence and big data to provide automatic recommendations, ContentSquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey.

What we do
CAPTURE: We capture every customer interaction, screen touch and mouse movement with only one tag, and convert it into visual data that every team member can understand and act on.
ANALYZE: Our clients analyze the data to understand how and why customers are interacting with their digital platforms through navigation paths, zone analysis and behavioral measurements using big data and AI.
OPTIMIZE: The end users enjoy an optimized journey that is an accurately intuitive user experience that feels natural, increases conversion rates and impacts company goals.



D4t4 Solutions is ALL ABOUT THE DATA. We are energetically focused on solutions that enable clients to get the most from their data – from collection through to management and analytics, D4t4 Solutions provides comprehensive products and services that drive value from our clients’ information assets.

During more than thirty years in business, D4t4 Solutions has constantly evolved to embrace the importance of data in delivering benefit to a business. We have developed pioneering technology that pushes the boundaries of accuracy and completeness in data collection through our subsidiary Celebrus Technologies. We have augmented our data expertise by collaborating with industry-leading partners like Microsoft that specialise in data management and analytics. We have continually innovated, both in the development of our own technology and in the resourceful delivery of partner solutions, and this has placed us at the leading-edge of how data is used by business.

Numerous long-term client relationships demonstrate our proven capability to make a difference to the organisations with which we work. Our employees are passionate in formulating solutions to the complex challenges of our clients, providing insight into their businesses and consistently delivering a professional and responsive service. Our acquisitions have further enhanced our data capabilities, giving us new skills in key growth areas that keep us at the forefront of technological advances and maximise our relevance in a crowded marketplace.

D4t4 Solutions is resolute in the protection of our clients’ data, working diligently to achieve and retain leading industry security certifications that allow our clients to place complete trust in us. We are focused on financial security too, consistently achieving profitable growth while ensuring that we preserve the stability that has been the foundation of our durability over three decades.

D4t4 Solutions is a PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange – our stock code is D4T4.



Decibel Insight enables digital teams to discover where both technical and experiential issues are on their website – and how they can fix them.

From the moment Decibel Insight is deployed on a particular website, advanced machine learning algorithms work behind the scenes to calculate what a ‘normal’ user experience looks like. This intelligence feeds in to a central dashboard, which surfaces customers who have had a bad or unusual experience, and displays problem website areas.

The insights raised in this dashboard can be investigated in microscopic detail by a full customer experience analytics suite, including video recordings of user journeys, dynamic website heatmaps, form analytics, and a whole host of behavioural and performance reports.
Be it a javascript error, an unoptimized form, or an inefficient checkout journey, Decibel Insight automatically detects issues in the customer experience that are missed by traditional analytics tools.

We are proud to work with the world’s best known brands, including Lego, British Airways, General Motors, Gucci, Tesco, EE, Experian and Asda.
Recognition of our efforts has come from the highest levels of the tech sector – including the Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Award in 2015, and a premier-tier partnership with the Adobe Exchange Program in 2016 – and is testament to the increasing importance of our technology in the wider digital market.


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Intilery enables marketers to deliver a superior customer experience and create mutually rewarding connections with customers across multiple channels in real-time. We help organisations transform their approach to marketing by providing an integrated, omni-channel, real-time view of customer behaviour across web, email, mobile, app, social, and offline channels.

Using Intilery, customer interaction becomes seamless, customer journey management easier to plan and customer communication more effective. Intilery enables marketers to create revenue driving campaigns, to engage and welcome customers, guide them to conversion, nurture relationships, and improve retention and brand advocacy.

Intilery’s original technology is the most powerful, flexible technology solution on the market. Designed to track, understand and action customer behaviour in milliseconds, all within the same platform, Intilery is ideally suited to forward thinking marketers looking for a game changer. It’s fast to install, reliable and robust, with state of the art analytics and reporting, so you can prove your strategies work.

Client success is at the heart of Intilery’s software and service proposition. The unique technology is only part of the solution; on-hand expertise and advice, combined with attentive technical support provides unrivalled confidence and client commitment. By providing both agile, innovative software and comprehensive support, Intilery enables businesses to build relationships with customers and optimise on short and long term revenue opportunities.




Being a world leader in analytics, SAS empower leading organisations globally to transform their customers’ experiences. SAS enable companies to provide more contextually relevant content at every touchpoint to millions of customers’ journeys, improving customer experience every step of the way. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

Find out how your business can be a leader in customer experience:


Customers don’t talk to you because they like you, they talk to you because they need something; they need it now and on the platform that suits them.

At Thunderhead we join up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences, connecting them with your existing CRM system giving you a multi-dimensional view of your customers.

Our intuitive ONE Engagement Hub allows you to act on the right customer need at the right time. For the first time, customer relationships can be effectively managed at scale.

Now you can interact with customers as individuals. Effortless engagement just got personal.


Verint® is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions with a focus on customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance. Today, more than 10,000 organizations in 180 countries — including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 — count on intelligence from Verint solutions to make more informed, effective and timely decisions. Verint Customer Analytics, Engagement Management and Workforce Optimisation solutions help organisations know, empower, and connect with customers and employees. Discover how our solutions can help your organisation to increase customer loyalty and engagement, enhance revenue, and better manage operational costs and risks.