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The Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference Programme

Extract Maximum Insight & Propel Powerful Customer Behaviour Analytics To The Heart Of Business Decision Making: Next-Generation Technologies, Tools & Techniques To Drive The Single Customer View, Cross-Device Tracking, Cutting-Edge Digital Analytics & Data Optimisation For Real Commercial Value

A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 30th March 2017, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London.

08.30 Registration, Networking & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

09.15 Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Chair Review

Gael Decoudu
Head of Data Science & Analytics
Shop Direct Group

Matt Lovell
Head of Group Analytics & Digital Insight
Formerly Thomas Cook Airlines


09.30 Behaviours, Trends & Habits – What’s Next? Harness & Incorporate Powerful Customer Analytics To Add Business Value In Today’s Multi-Channel, Digital-Driven World

  • What does the customer want? Explore the latest behaviours, trends and habits emerging from the world of analytics and the opportunities to exploit right now
  • Tips, tools and tricks to collect and understand customer behaviours. What can we do better and what are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • What should we be looking for next? Advice on how the analytics function can better serve business interests and deliver understanding of the customer story in the future
  • What kind of user experiences and interactions are prompting engagement and conversions – and how can analytics add value?

Dave Robinson
Director of Personalisation
Boots UK

Grant Baillie
Head of CRM

Patrick Osborne
Head of Customer Insights & Analysis

Michael Sherwood
Head of Customer Experience
Atom Bank


10.00 Integrate Data, Insight & Behavioural Analytics Into An Accurate Single Customer View Offline & Online To Boost Relevancy, Conversions & Impact

  • Lessons learned on achieving true data integration and building an accurate customer portrait from multiple data sources
  • Advice on incorporating the single customer view for the day-today; what had to change, what were the obstacles and what were the benefits?
  • Utilising the single customer view to create personal, relevant and targeted customer journeys and experiences which boost conversions on any channel
  • Harnessing the single customer view to create effective marketing campaigns, boost retention and drive audiences to commercially- valuable content

10.00 Diego Marquínez Peña
Global Head of Omnichannel Analytics & Big Data

10.20 Pardip Bans
Head of Business Customer Insight
HM Revenue & Customs

10.40 Refreshment Break & Informal Networking


11.10 The UX Revolution: The Ecommerce Industry’s Dirty Little Secret
There’s a digital revolution happening amongst leading e-commerce brands. Central to this revolution is the new-breed of analytics that’s transforming the way teams are managing their digital customer journeys for specific visitor segments. This presentation will reveal the e-commerce industry’s dirty little secret and explore how brands can transform their user experiences and maximise the ROI from their digital content.

This presentation will explore:
• How brands can better understand and optimise their customer journeys by surfacing easy to interpret data on UX behaviour not found with traditional analytics tools
• How brands can overcome the challenges of the lack of understanding about why their customers leave and how they are browsing their site
• How to understand the pieces of your content which are driving the most engagement
• How to define customer journeys for different segments/personas and track and compare their specific customer journeys to ensure they are optimised

Duncan Keene
UK Managing Director


11.30 Boost Performance & Increase Effectiveness With Cutting-Edge Digital Analytics

  • How can companies harness digital analytics for deeper insights into consumer behaviours using more in-depth quantitative and qualitative information, including customer feedback?
  • Driving performance-boosting, insight-led action with digital optimisation, test and learn strategies and the notion of marginal gains
  • Securing investment and proving value by demonstrating the positive impact of digital analytics on business performance and ROI

Martin Firth
Head of Digital Analytics


11.55 Demonstrate Real Value & Boost Business Growth With Actionable Big Data Personalisation – Go beyond The Buzzword!

James Taylor
Head of Marketing & Analysis


12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchange (20 mins during lunch)

A) Internet Of Things
Jyoti Bhasin
Head of Big Data Analytics
Huawei Technologies

B) Winning Buy-In
Bhavik Davda
Head of CRM & Data Insight

C) Mobile

We all know smartphone usage is growing, but what are the new customer analytics trends and behaviours we should be aware of to ensure our interaction with customers stays as personal as the device they are using?

D) Data Protection
With an increasing mountain of data regulation to be aware of, what new legislation is in the pipeline and how can we as analytics professionals respond to respect privacy domestically and internationally?

13.20 Afternoon Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Gael Decoudu
Head of Data Science & Analytics
Shop Direct Group

Matt Lovell
Head of Group Analytics & Digital Insight
Formerly Thomas Cook Airlines


13.30 Marije Gould will present Verint’s latest research findings on consumer preferences and expectations around digital and traditional customer engagement. This research, in association with Opinium Research LLP, was commissioned by Verint and 24,000 consumers from across 12 countries worldwide were interviewed. Join Marije to find out which channels and methods of contact matter to consumers today.

Marije Gould
VP Marketing, EMEA


13.45 Win Business Buy-In, Sway Stakeholders & Drive Real Business Change With Influential & Impactful Analytics Communications

  • You’ve done this amazing analysis, uncovered the golden nugget – but how do you sell it? Harness the lessons learned on what gets stakeholder attention and makes a real impact with decision makers
  • Create real influence for analytics with advice on evolving the function to become a centre of customer analytics insight to really shape business decisions and strategy
  • What do internal audiences think about analytics and how can we improve our influence with different functions for boosted business performance?

13.45 Perspective One

Martha Knight
Head of Digital Insight
Virgin Media

14.10 Perspective Two

Nick King
Marketing & Research Director


14.35 Provide Extra Analytics Value By Tracking Customer Behaviours Across Devices, Channels & Touchpoints With Accurate Sales Attribution

Delegate Debate

  • We want to track the customer on any cross-device journey… but how can we achieve this in practice with different customer platforms and habits?
  • How can we utilise attribution insight to bring real analytics value to other areas of the business?
  • Is customer authentication for matching up users with multiple devices he way of the future and it is realistic to incentivise visitors to log on every time?


14.50 Bonus Session With SAS

15.05 Refreshment Break With Informal Facilitated Networking


15.10 Real-World, Actionable Insights On Improving Analytics Capability & Effectiveness
It’s time to get practical! In the afternoon break, the conference will convene into informal discussion groups. Swap tips, lessons learned and more in this interactive session where you decide who you want to talk to.


15.35 What’s Next & What’s Does The Next Generation Of Analytics Look Like? Stay On The Leading Edge With An Update On New Innovations & Trends

It’s time for some blue-sky thinking! In this panel format, the floor is open to the audience to quiz industry experts on how tomorrow’s trends, tools and technologies are going to shape the future of customer behaviour analytics:

  • Adoption: what are the lessons learned on adopting new analytics technologies and extracting maximum value from their use?
  • Budget: with cost becoming increasingly prohibitive, what trends and technologies can we utilise to stay relevant and at the heart of business decision making?
  • AI & Automation: what’s the scope for analytics AI and automation to change the role of the analyst? Ultimately, what will provide better business value?
  • Omnichannel: a look at the new developments allowing businesses to track customers for relevant, personal journeys

Bertrand Hassani
Global Head of Research & Innovation
Banco Santander

Sandra White
Head of Personalisation

Sue Hessey
Principal Researcher

Jan Richards
Head of Insight & Planning
Dublin Airport


16.05 Move Beyond Reporting To Predictive Analytics: Utilise Cutting-Edge Tools, Techniques & Technologies To Evolve Analytics & Create Data Science Excellence

  • What technologies and business strategies today can help to mature simple reporting to real predictive capability?
  • Utilising predictive analytics, statistical modelling and the latest data science approaches to improve marketing campaigns, sales performance and relevance for customers
  • New technologies and tools pushing our analytics ability to the next level and predicting customer behaviours for personalised, sales-boosting campaigns
  • Managing the dichotomy between predictive analytics and personalisation

16.05 Daniel Kellett
Director of Data Science
Capital One

16.25 Daren Howell
Head of Customer Analytics
Carnival UK

16.45 Chariman’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

For more information on how to get involved in The Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference, please email partner@theanalyticsconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.