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The Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference Programme

Extract Actionable Insights & Propel Integrated Data Sources Directly Into Business Decision Making For Profitable, Influential Customer Behaviour Analytics Which Drive Results

Exploit Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies & Techniques To Drive Compliant Big Data Strategies, Digital Analytics & Winning Customer Journeys Whilst Delivering Real-World Value

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Enter Your Business Card In Our Competition For A Chance To Win £100 John Lewis Vouchers

Register, grab a coffee and meet and greet your fellow attendees and share your major challenges, goals and objectives for the day.
8.00 ICON
09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chair’s Morning Opening Remarks

Gael Decoudu
Head of Data Science
Shop Direct
Eric Bernhard
Marketing Innovation Manager
Dixons Carphone


09.20 Explore, Understand & Action The Latest Customer Behaviours, Trends & Habits With Valuable Analytics That Drive Business Decision Makingq&a icon

  • Explore the latest customer behaviours, trends and habits for fresh, innovative strategies that utilise multiple feedback streams and create new business opportunities
  • Action customer behaviour analytics and influence top-level decision making to add value with practical strategies that drive conversions and results
  • Ensure your customers are engaged and gain greater business returns by feeding behavioural insights back into the company
  • What doesn’t the data tell you? Consider external factors such as market trends and the economy and the impact they could have on customer behaviours to improve your customer profiling
  • How can we calibrate B2B relationships to share data on customer spending habits and ensure our products are appealing, converting and selling?

Sarah Clerkson
Head of Customer Intelligence: Product & Content
Formerly Sky

Analytics2018_skyLina Mikolajczyk
Senior Manager Channel Marketing & Performance
Hilton Worldwide
Analytics2018_hiltonSimon Hayter
Head of Analytics Strategy, Banking Division
Close Brothers Retail Finance



09.50 Marry Multiple Data Sets, Research & Insights From Offline, Online & Across The Business For Actionable, Impactful Customer Strategies

  • Best-practice advice for successfully merging multiple data to achieve true data integration
  • What tools and technologies are on the market to help bring multiple data sets together? Examine the pitfalls to avoid and the results and outcomes to emulate
  • Practical tips for harnessing integrated data sources to create a full, 360-degree single view of the customer and boost conversions on every channel

09.50 Perspective One
Maciej Partyka
Global Head of Customer Insights
10.10 Perspective Two
Olmo Martinez
Head of Data Europe – ZX Ventures
AB InBev

10.30 Refreshment Break With Informal Facilitated Networking

11.00 Hyper-Personalisation In The Age Of AI

In a hyper-connected, hyper-competitive environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete on product or price alone, the concept of customer experience has grown in importance as organisations fight to remain relevant and deliver against customer expectations. Tiffany Carpenter, Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions at SAS looks at how predictive analytics and machine learning is powering hyper-personalised customer journeys in real time.

Tiffany Carpenter
Head Of Customer Intelligence Solutions UKI


11.15 Demonstrate Best-In-Class Segmentation Methods & More Sophisticated Data Analytics Strategies To Deliver Smooth & Personalised Customer Journeys Which Drive Engagement & Sales

  • What drives customer journeys: information or insight?
  • Customer segmentation: tools and tricks for improved and influential marketing campaigns
  • Predicting customer behaviours to improve the customer journey Exploring common mistakes when measuring performance of customer journey campaigns

Mark Stern
Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics
Ladbrokes Coral Group plc



11.35 An Insight Into Phone Calls In The Customer Journey & Asking The Right Questions Of This Data To Deliver Business Objectives

Daniel Cook
Head of Analytics


11.50 Extracting Actionable Insights From Data Using the Latest Analytical Tools & Techniques & How To Translate Big Data Into Real-World Business & Public Service Benefits

  • The challenge all organisations face in drawing actionable insights from ever-growing data to drive business performance and add value
  • How public services are grappling with Big Data to deliver improved customer service and transformational change
  • What are the lessons and pitfalls of translating data into customer insight and real-world value in large organisations?
  • It’s not just data, but how you make sense of it! With more and more data becoming available, how do we harness the best tools and technologies to extract actionable insights and genuinely beneficial information to influence decision making at all levels?

Pardip Bans
Head of Customer Insight
HM Revenue & Customs


12.10 Setting Up A Digital Insights Team To Drive Data Culture & Business Performance

  • Implementing the right architecture to successfully introduce high-performing digital analytics capabilities across the business
  • What are the key considerations when structuring your digital insights team to effectively spread a credible analytics culture and data-driven message across the business
  • Securing stakeholder buy-in and focus on top tasks by communicating insights generated
  • Harness in-depth qualitative information and combine it with quantitative information sources such as customer feedback for deeper, tangible insights and attributable digital analytics
  • Fully-optimise web analytics to better understand web behaviours and ensure delivery of personalised web experiences

Deepak Nagappan Anitha
Analytics Solutions Manager
Direct Line Group

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions During Lunch (20 mins during lunch)
These Are Taking Place Around Poser Tables Within The Exhibition Room

A) Visualisation
Alejandro Marcos Alvarez
Senior Data Scientist
BNP Paribas Fortis


A) The Search For Data Scientists: What Are We Really Looking For?
Unfaciliated Discussion

C) AI & Algorithms
Unfaciliated Discussion

D) Mobile
Unfaciliated Discussion

E) Cross-Device Tracking
Unfaciliated Discussion

13.30 Afternoon Openings Remarks


13.50 Driving The Implementation Of Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Across The Whole Business

  • How to develop a leading analytics practice leveraging the best of traditional and modern analytics
  • Driving cultural change and securing buy-in: demonstrate the benefits of machine learning to ensure people are on board with your new methods
  • How do you overcome the need for companies to be able to explain their methodology with the “black box” that inevitably results from AI or machine learning?

Pardeep Bassi
Head of Data Science


14.10 How To Build Data-Driven Personas To Support Marketing Personalisation At Scale

Targeting audiences by passion rather than simply demographics is now widely accepted as an effective marketing strategy. But the approach is not devoid of challenges. Passion audiences are not monolithic and being into ‘food’ can mean being into ‘fine dining’ as well as ‘food trucks’, ‘healthy eating’, ‘intermittent fasting’, etc. So how do you avoid the dangers of over-simplification and tone deaf marketing? How can you identify the various audiences behind a seemingly unifying passion to produce effective marketing that resonates with the communities it reaches?

We look at how behavioural and attitudinal signals from social data can help build data driven personas that underpin scalable marketing personalisation programs.

Francesco D’Orazio
Co-Founder, VP of Product, VP of Research



14.25 Driving Business Decision Making With Analytics

Join Autotrader.co.uk as they explore and discuss the practical applications for harnessing analytics and data to influence internal decision making to become a data-driven, insight-producing organisation

Nick King
Insight Director
Auto Trader


14.45 Driving Innovation In Consumer Businesses Through Agile Experimentation

  • Businesses increasingly find themselves operating in a complex and changing market, driven by rapidly accelerating customer expectations. Vast improvements in data capture and processing technologies, along with advances in machine learning and AI provide a possible solution. Yet, many businesses struggle to leverage these disruptive forces to their advantage. They fail to innovate.
  • Join me as we talk about how to successfully drive innovation in your business using advanced data science. We will explore what are the most common challenges in this journey and ways to overcome those using a real-life case example.

Rachit Khare
Vice-President of Client Solutions
The Smart Cube

15.00 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.30 PULSAR To Announce The Competition Winner


15.35 What Does GDPR Mean For You? Explore The Impact GDPR Could Have On Historical, Current & Future Data Sets To Successfully Collect & Analyse Data Whilst Remaining Compliant

  • What does GDPR mean for customer data analytics and what are the expected ramifications?
  • Examine what your teams need to do with historical and stored data and which steps need to be taken to get legal data opt-ins that mean you remain compliant
  • How will GDPR impact things such as modelling, forecasting, direct marketing and working with 3rd party companies and will this limit each company’s ability to analyse?

David Alexander
Data Privacy Specialist – GDPR Programme
Aberdeen Asset Management


NEW TRENDS & TECHNOLOGIES PANEL DISCUSSION: AI • Chatbots • Mobile • Omni-Channel • Webchat • Machine Learning

15.55 Stay Up To Date With Innovative Trends, Tools & Technologies To Ensure Your Business Is Leading The Next Generation Of Customer Analytics

  • AI: What implications do AI and machine learning have for analysts? How can companies build in technologies such as webchat and chatbots and how realistic and user-friendly are they?
  • Mobiles & Omni-Channel: Examine upcoming apps and platforms and explore how the growth and development of this tech will affect data  collection and accessibility
  • Future: How are companies using data and analytics to build the future? Investigate the impact they’re making on future markets and how that can be translated into profit
  • Tech: What technologies are on the horizon?

Deepak Nagappan Anitha
Analytics Solutions Manager
Direct Line Group

Graeme McDermott
Chief Data Officer
Addison Lee

16.25  Closing Remarks

16.40 Official Close Of Conference

For more information on how to get involved in The Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference, please email partner@theanalyticsconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.